A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 3

Session 3 (6/10/13)

Still Day 3—Aug. 16, 2081

Exploring Interlude: Tomes, Traps, & Talking Tridents Part I/ “Stab the Book, I Shall Feed Upon Its Magic!”

—Party discovers and packs up more books, some are magic. Kuroken wants to absorb the books’ magic but gets a unanimous “No.” Another room contains a hidden cabinet with an ancient plate and a magically sealed box. The plate has engravings reading “Quorian” and we keep it.

Encounter Five: Moti’s Traitor/ Famous Last Words: “Aaaarrrggghhh!”

—Moti’s servant who’d been following us catches up. Munthraurix convinces him to join our cause. But almost immediately Moti murders him with a remote Phantasmal Killer.

Encounter Six: Tomes, Traps & Talking Tridents Part II/ “I Don’t Believe You’ve Answered His Question.” “Yeah, Do It Again!”

—We defeat the magically sealed box’s trap defenses (a very high level wizard’s Cloud Kill, etc.). Inside is Ivos, a very evil sentient trident! Kuroken wants to destroy the trident but is outvoted.

—Ivos (unaware Munthraurix is listening to his thoughts) communicates he wants to find the “World-Breaker.” [Magical analysis shows he’s a powerful artifact, +4 bonus and with class levels & strong lawful evil aura, made with Commune spell.] To us he declares no one is the party is sufficiently obedient and fit to be “wielded by him.” But he’s persuaded he owes us for freeing him & offers one limited wish each. He calls Munthraurix “dragon pawn” & Corvos “demon spawn.”

—Corvo wishes to know who the World-Breaker was & what happened during the Cataclysm. Ivos teleports him into the past. From a bird’s eye view Corvo watches the world ravaged and destroyed by magic and in doing so he experiences death multiple times. When he returns, shaken, he doesn’t understand what he saw. Richard suggests Ivos did not fulfill his bargain & Flinn urges a do-over. So Corvo is transported back into the past. This time he beholds a dark elf working powerful magic with a large, heavily engraved crystal held within a cage. Then as before he feels the world destroyed by the World-Breaker firsthand and returns to us, quaking with shock. [Will save for sanity, requires magic healing to Wisdom score.] Ivos comments that the fey were instrumental in “the strife,” a kind of war in a series of events that led up to the cataclysm.

—Regulus wishes for a Blessed Book with spells from levels 3 to 7 (?).

—Melinda sighs to Ivos “I wish you were Good.” Instantly the spear splits into two [+2] spears, one Good Ivos (“That Which Knows”) and one Evil Ivos (“That Which Sees”). Good Ivos will grant wishes to Flinn & Richard while Evil Ivos will do so for Duffy & Munthraurix.

—Richard wishes to become an angel & transforms into a glorious kind of deva. He alternates between that new form & his more human form & tries out his wings.

—Duffy asks for a pact instead of a wish, which she fears he’d twist into something harmful. She asks Evil Ivos to agree that if we meet him in the future, he will not harm us nor have his minions or wielder harm us. Evil Ivos protests there’s no assurance we will not harm him & we point out his mission may be too destructive for us not to oppose him. He agrees to the pact.

—Good Ivos grants us one use of Commune for Richard to ask 9 questions of Pelor, The Sun Father (Light/Healing/Strength/Sun Domains).

Did Moti Cause the Cataclysm? YES.
Is the temple we are heading to on our map the same as the ‘safe place’ Alan Rek referred to? YES.
Is Alan Rek currently relatively safe at the temple he mentioned? YES.
Are there dragons on our current plane? NOBLE SEED SPREAD AFAR BEAR DRACONIC AMBITION.
Are dragons active on this plane? NO.
Does Alister St. Demain intend to acquire the Onyx Petal for nefarious purposes? NO.
Is the Cataclysm the cause of the planar lock on this plane? NO.
Is it possible to remove the planar lock? YES.
Is it ill-advised to endeavor to remove the planar lock? UNCLEAR.

—Duffy asks both tridents about their origin and wielders. Evil Ivos explains his maker, a powerful wizard, was destroyed as part of his genesis, as he knew he must be. Though his creator’s essence remains, the wizard’s personality was cleansed away by the matrix during the process. Evil Ivos says he’s already communed w/ his wielder, a human in the Republic of Humanus who will help him find the World-Breaker. He complains of having been used as a sorcerer’s tool before his imprisonment. Good Ivos has communed w/ an elf in Zeltania (Britain) who will help hide the World-Breaker, & in choosing the elf is eager to uplift someone who needs it & redeem the elven race from its ancestors’ deeds. We ask Good Ivos what will happen if the World-Breaker is found & he answers “Change that is too erratic even for me.”

—Flinn wishes for all of us to be permanently immune to the Corruption on Earth since the Cataclysm. Good Ivos teleports away after her wish.

—Munthraurix wishes to be a dragon. As he transforms, a small gold dragon flies away from his body as though freed from containment. Evil Ivos comments he need not be a “dragon pawn” after all. At will Munthraurix returns to his old, humanesque form. He explains he’d been born with scales & claws, highly unusual for his kind, but had learned to disguise his dragon nature in adulthood.

—Evil Ivos teleports away. We begin a trek to the temple where Alan Rek went.

Loot 6/10/13:
→ From hidden compartments/tridents: More books (some magic), one limited wish per PC.



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