A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 4

Session 4 (6/24/13)

Still Day 3—Aug. 16, 2081

Encounter Seven: Good Help Is Hard to Find/ “Farouk, Are You Evil?” BLAM!

—Richard stealthily investigates a camp at the base of the mountain. He detects one non-evil man with magic items in a tent & overhears two evil Moor-like brigands, Sayid & Farouk, discussing their frustration at not being paid by ‘the old man.’ Richard returns to openly visit the old man while the others hide nearby. Upon learning his hired men are bandits, the old man executes them with an arcane gun. He asks Richard where he might find other employees.

—Whole party arrives & meets the old man, a.k.a. Simeon Ben-Yudah. He is an alchemist questing for wonders and rare agents among the ransacked tombs. Simeon offers up for sale alchemical goods and magic rings. He will reward us if we retrieve pressurized acid from the traps in the temple of Boccob (God of Magic) we’ll be investigating. We bury (and loot) the bandits.

Exploring Interlude: Of Golems and Gates/ “You Seem Awfully Paranoid—-Have You Had a Traumatic Experience with Evil Altars?”

—After one hour’s travel from Simeon’s camp we reach the temple. Richard flies to the tip where the bladed survey ship o’ death hovers. Alan Rek’s body is concealed nearby. Richard communicates w/ Alan about moving the ship & his body into a special chamber in the temple once the area inside is deemed secure.

—We enter the temple & find traces of magic & vanilla perfume, & also a secret room. The hidden chamber is newer and built just like the one that stored the survey ship, complete w/ panels & a compartment for a pilot’s body. There are also three vials: one blue, one green, & one orange.

—Beyond the ship chamber is a hall leading to another room that contains bloodstains, a cask of red liquid and one of blue liquid, & two man-sized shattered tubes. Hanging out of the tubes & impaled on the broken glass walls are two birdlike humanoid corpses. Regulus determines the red liquid is an advanced blood-like solution used to make living simulacrums. Richard takes samples. The blue liquid is azoth, a.k.a. “the fire of creation,” used to bring a simulacrum to life. Blood Biography reveals one victim identifies himself as “1-1-2-4-7,” his position as “servant to Master Cal,” the one who shed his blood as “Lady Alita, who caused the containment failure,” and the date as “three days ago.” Munthraurix recalls Lady Alita is from Humanus & married into the Zarinth dragon noble family.

—Down another hall is a 10 foot waterway flowing into a chasm. Richard & Duffy fly down to where the flowing water abruptly vanishes in mid-air. The room holds an altar in ruins, more recent carvings of blood grooves for sacrifices, & a floor covered in dark blue liquid. The others come to investigate & it appears the dark blue stuff is highly volatile but kept stable by the dampening effect of the flowing water. The water flows into a gate presumably leading to the plane of water.

—We return to the ground floor & explore the hall across the 10 ft waterway. The next room holds 4 tarnished bronze cots w/ old linen, one vanilla scented. Richard tries to open door to adjoining room but springs a TRAP! The vampiric touch blades miss him & he destroys them in a red mist w/ his magic blade. Then we walk on, hard.

-Down a passage is a room w/ 4 large stone men (one per corner) & 3 human corpses in the center—deadly clay golems! We prep for battle. COMBAT! Vs 4 golems. We break all four. As each golem cracks & falls, something within it gleams red, white, blue, or green. A howling vortex sound fills the room—-the golem-bound elementals are escaping, & begin opening gates to their home planes of fire, air, water, and earth! We hurry through the room to the opposite door, grabbing two dead adventurers along the way (plus one sword, thanks to a summoned celestial monkey).

—We slam the golems’ door behind us. We face a winding stair that curves into rooms above and below.

Loot 6/24/13:
→ From the dead adventurers: +2 longsword, +2 short sword, +1 adaptive composite longbow, 2 vials of gravity bow, 2 armors of +2 light fortification chain mail, & bracers of dawn (can cast awaken & light at will, daylight 1/day) [Richard wears these].



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