A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 5

Session 5 (7/8/13)

Day 4—Aug. 17, 2081

Encounter Eight: Overcoming Vanilla-Scented Evil/ “Are You Sure That If He’s The One Helping an Evil Person, That Would Still Violate YOUR Vows?”

—We rest. Next day we explore down the staircase. We disarm two traps (gaining pressurized acid & some tanglefoot bags) on the door at the bottom. Behind the doors is a busy, automated alchemist’s lab with more azoth & giant vats of strange goo.

—Duffy ascends two catwalks & overhears a red-cloaked, vanilla-scented half-elf female talking to two henchmen: “Marshall, ignore the intruders below as long as they don’t interfere. Find the blood so we can leave.” Duffy descends & shares this info.

—Richard cautiously flies up to talk to Lady Alita. She offers to pay gold/rubies/ambrosia/an elemental ring to power a ship if we’ll aid her search. She claims her buyer is a competitor of Moti’s. Richard asks if she might arrange a favor for us in Humanus as part of payment & she agrees. He tells the group.

—Regulus speculates her employer may be famous alchemist Mr. Manx (70-ish now). Manx was kicked out of the university in Humanus for controversial/dangerous transmutation experiments. Also, we’re surrounded by dangerous transmutation compounds now. We debate helping Alita OR subduing her before she kills more simulacrums or other victims.

—Alita cries, “Enough!” & death punches her minion’s neck & he splats on the ground. Richard is so outraged he casts Holy Word. Six other invisible minions drop off the catwalk, stunned & paralyzed, & their guns clatter around them. Some die, splat! Corvo is deafened & flees.

Combat! vs. spilled vats of azoth & goo (some of it ON FIRE), Lady Alita (alchemist/spellcaster?), a summoning caster, a dullahan & graveknight from the ripped plane of shadow, & Marshall. DEAD/DEFEATED: dullahan, five minions, & summoning caster. CAPTURED: Lady Alita & Marshall, but also graveknight who now obeys Munthraurix.

—Munthraurix’s graveknight fetches all the minions’ bodies & carries them to the room next door, while Richard takes Melinda & Alita & the roc takes Flynn & an altered Duffy. (Duffy has longer fur & claws & glowing white eyes. She’s become a celestial guardian Foo cat.) Richard dispels four effects from Melinda & deprives her of all gear, especially magical gear. We loot the minions & restrain & gag the prisoners.

Exploring Interlude: A Free-Birdman & a Forcecage/ (After Hearing That Removing a Crystal Could Collapse the Whole Temple) “So Regulus Will Get the Crystal While the Rest of Us Wait Outside Then?”

—In the adjoining room a vat as tall as the ceiling contains the perfected blood solution. The vat is surrounded by a forcecage.

—We move beyond that room to a docking facility for Alan Rek’s deadly airship. Richard retrieves Alan’s birdman body & lets conveyors lower the airship into the bay. He restores Alan to his body & explains the current situation w/ the four open elemental planes, etc. in our wake. Alan uses control panels to mend & quarantine various areas, muttering about the giant mess & how terrible Ivos’ freedom is. He also places Alita in stasis to stop her using her (mostly) evocations & transmutations.

—Alan explains the forcecage is powered by a (currently rare) focusing crystal (maybe the Onyx Petal) stored in another dimension beneath it. Retrieving it will require a perilous ethereal jaunt & a very knowledgeable caster to avoid refracting the crystal in error & collapsing the whole temple. Regulus may try anyway.

—Alan volunteers that Cal was 800 years his senior & not from our plane. Moti is probably not from our plane either & was a man when he first heard of him. Cal likely found a way to seed himself for rebirth. The perfected blood to create real life is his masterpiece. As to who created the planar lock, any plane (Ashanti, the Astral Plane, Celestia, etc.) could have intervened to stop the Cataclysm from affecting their home.

—An altered Corvo flies into the room on new bat-like wings…

Loot 5/8/13:
→ From the traps: 3 tanglefoot bags [Duffy] & pressurized acid.
→ From Alita & minions: 2 +3 keen longswords w/ poison-holding grooves, Alita’s poisoned orcbane/elfbane knife, 4 doses black lotus extract, 6 pepperbox pistols, 21 alchemical cartridges, & 4 potions cure serious.



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