A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 6

Session 6 (7/15/13)

Day 5—Aug. 18, 2081

Encounter Nine: Onyx Petal (and Some Answers) Acquired/ “How Long Would It Take to Fix?" “Do You Mean This Facility, or the Whole World?”

—After a night of rest we discuss what to do. Alan Rek claims fixing the temple will take six months by himself, whereas a crew could cut the time to weeks. (The crew he used to work with could shift their shapes, as he can, due to having energy-based forms.) He also claims the world could be fixed (of the mutating corruption) over several decades.

—Rek explains that the Cataclysmic war started after his people shared technology w/ the other races & some races advanced much faster than others. But at least the war spurred further technological advances.

—Asked about the Worldbreaker and Ivos’ role, Rek says the Worldbreaker was once an engine that powered the sky island of Critas. The current sky city engines don’t harness the full power of the Raptoran technology. Ivos was originally the key for the Worldbreaker engine, but he went bad & had to be locked away. Quorian (student of Cal’s) could tell us more of Ivos, if he’s still alive.

—Rek examines Alita inside a glass alchemy tube & determines she’s a construct containing the consciousness of a half-elf. Stasis has her trapped in that construct body, though she could probably escape the body otherwise.

—Munthraurix & Regulus descend the shaft to retrieve the Onyx Petal & Regulus interprets directions on the wall to a white room w/ a pedestal holding the crystal. They retrieve Duffy to remove the crystal (w/ many spells to boost her efforts). Success! We return w/ the Onyx Petal to the room w/ the giant vat of perfect blood.

—Richard scoops 7 vials & 3 potion bottles of perfect blood to sell or bargain with, including a dose that’s intended for Manx in the hopes he won’t send more adventurers to the temple. Rek plans to relocate & thus conceal the entire temple using a giant elemental ring.

—Duffy describes the “troubleshooter” of Cal’s who called himself Rek & who hunted down Richard & Melinda for Moti, & asks if Rek knows him. Alan says he once took an interest in some tenacious humans & gave them his family name. He imagines that Moti & Cal’s ambitions could be aligned by now.

—Rek describes the god of Humanus as a great hero who Ascended (attained great power & assumed a form that could wield that power). Their god was cast out of the Realm of the Gods for his xenophobic ideas, however, & now resides in Humanus.

—Rek asks Munthraurix if dragons still exist & learns of the tiny dragon that flew out of his mind when he transformed into a full golden dragon. Rek applauds the dragons’ cleverness in seeding themselves that way (each generation of dragonborn would be more draconic in their physical features, hence Munthraurix’s unusual form at birth). He thinks Cal has done something similar.

Day 5 through Day 18 up to Sept. 1, 2081

Encounters Ten/Eleven/Twelve: Split Quests/ “Stupid Crabhand, I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere Near No Butter, Know What I’m Sayin’?”

—At the temple, Rek spends two weeks teaching Corvo, Duffy, & Flynn dimensional physics & together we get the flight and cloaking systems for the temple online (by repairing the giant elemental ring under the temple). Rek notes that elementals who power elemental rings do not tend to go berserk, but those trapped in golems go mad in the process.

—Meanwhile, dragon Munthraurix flies Regulus, Richard, & Melinda to meet Simeon Ben-Yudah. They give him pressurized acid, azoth, all the black lotus, & one vial of perfect blood. In return for these & promise of future goods, he gives party 2 potions of Baleful Polymorph & offers to be our alchemist on retainer (True Res, etc.). He offers to tell us where a lich artificer & his artifacts/treasures but is turned down for now.

—Next, Munthraurix flies the crew (plus Ben-Yudah) to meet Capt. Jace Tercorian of the Weatherlight & manservant Joe-Bob. The airship returns to Critas.

—In Critas Munthraurix & crew deliver the Onyx Petal to a tipsy Alistair St. Demain. After haggling rewards w/ the dragonborn, the Head Artificer grudgingly rewards Richard w/ a “maul of the titans” & Melinda w/ a small magic gun that shoots giant ammo & a 5th-level Fireball 2/day. Those whom St. Demain orginally hired get 11,600 gp each, special mention in his article, & one moderate magic item each: “boots of teleportation” [Regulus], “Headband of Mental Prowess w/ skill ranks in Survival & Prof. Pilot” [Flynn], “gem of seeing” [Duffy], & superweapon +4 holy dwarven longhammer [Munthraurix].

—The group sells & barters loot at Madame Momo’s Emporium for 3,720 gp each & figurines of wondrous power: one elephant, one gryphon.

—Darastrixiejir servants Regulus, Joe-Bob, & the Heinrich brothers go (unescorted by party) to Humanus on a six day round trip to sell one potion bottle of perfect blood to Manx. Manx seems (non-evil &) goodnatured, but crazy. Manx’s superbees sting the servants, transmuting them as follows: crab claw hand for Joe-Bob & lizard eyes for the Heinrichs. He begins building the party an elemental airship in payment, hoping they’ll bring him more goods.

—While they’re away, Munthraurix gets Ben-Yudah set up to share Regulus’ lab & tests his family’s workforce for evildoers, detects none. Richard & Melinda perform healings & other miracles to win followers who worship Pelor. Richard also Sends Message to the others to tell them of St. Demain’s rewards so they can request magic items.

Day 19—Sept. 2, 2081

—Whole party reunites at the temple.

Loot/Purchases 5/15/13:
→ From the underground room: the Onyx Petal
→ From Simeon: 2 potions of Baleful Polymorph
→ From St. Demain: 11,600 gp each & “boots of teleportation” [Regulus], “Headband of Mental Prowess w/ skill ranks in Survival & Prof. Pilot” [Flynn], “gem of seeing” [Duffy], & superweapon +4 holy dwarven longhammer [Munthraurix]
→ From Madame Momo: 2 figurines of wondrous power (1 elephant & 1 gryhpon), 97,000 gp party loot
→ From Manx: one elemental airship (in progress)



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