A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 8

Session 8 (9/2/13)

Day 19—September 2, 2081

Travel Interlude: To Zu/ “It Is Disgraceful They Should Take Away the Manhood From Such a Young Man” (says Munt., on learning the air traffic controller is a eunuch)

—We heal ship & fly to Zu to find Boccob clerics to help restore Alan Rek’s temple. It’s an Elven sky city with one central platform w/ a palace & ten additional platforms, plus a new eleventh one being constructed. Each platform belongs to a different clan, and each clan comes from one of the sons of a dragon noble Elven Clan Leader/Emperor of Zu killed via patricide. Now the clans are little better than organized crime as his sons vie for power. Though the city tolerates foreigners, any foreigner harming a citizen would be severely punished.

—We disguise ourselves (magic disguises for “Sovillus” (Munt.) & Richard) & go shopping.

Shopping Interlude: Momo’s & Moti’s/ “How About We Tie a Rope to You and You Go Through Moti’s Portal?”

—Duffy & Flinn explore Moti’s shop. On the outside it has one story, but inside it has three stories (certain floors are invisible) & far more space. Also it has a black hole like Gate or Portal to another plane, perhaps a demiplane.

—In Moti’s shop the proprietor appears Elven without the Trueseeing gem. But with the gem eyepatch, he appears as an ancient man w/ very multitudinous cracks in his skin & blue glowing light b/t the cracks.

—Among the swords, magic items, and alchemical items there are red glowing seams that separate categories of goods. There is a woman working on clothing in the floor above. Duffy buys an antitoxin & leaves.

—The rare glass bottle w/ Moti’s symbol is extraordinary, and though it raises the value Moti does not raise the price. Perhaps he has a cheap source of exquisite glass & a dragon or other exotic ally to blow glass, which could be important.

—We all get fancy clothes from Madame Momo’s, noble outfits for Munt. & Rich & servants’ garb for the rest of us.

Encounter 15: The Soul of Zu/ “Tis a Fine Drink!”

—Flinn receives a gift bottle (possibly from the gods) containing saki labeled “Peace, Protection, & Transcendence.” It emits magic auras of transmutation, divination, & enchantment. Drinking it turns Polly into a fey creature and guides all of us to a simple temple.

—Yee, the Soul of Zu (who appears faceless even w/ the Truesee gem) sits in the temple w/ five worshippers. He asks us to retrieve four pearls (blue, white, yellow, & green) that were stolen from the former emperor when his bureaucrats failed to protect them. If we do, he will lead us to scholars of Boccob who can help us. He gives Flinn two more magic saki bottles.

—The pearls were tokens of favor given to the nobles by Yee, but the clans stole them. Yee says the four pearls are each hidden on a different outer platform. He suggests we start by questioning the cowardly but loyal Goran, one of the bureaucrats who used to oversee the pearls.

Encounter 16: Goran’s Pearl Knowledge/ “If You Choked Out the Soul of the City, Would There Be an Earthquake?”

—Yee opens a portal into Goran’s home. We calm him down & coax him to restore his honor by helping us recover the pearls for Yee.

—Goran says the blue pearl is with the Crane Clan (see map) & guarded by a wu-jinn sorcerer. The Cranes also have many skilled guards & silver-tongued diplomats.

—The yellow pearl is with the Crab Clan because the wicked Mei Jing betrayed her post (same as Goran’s) and stole it for them.

—The new Unicorn Clan has the green pearl. The newest platform is neutral ground held by a warlord, who builds the platform for his battle arena. He welcomes dishonored outcasts from other clans to compete for the honor of serving him.

—Goran reports his Lord died before him, stabbed when the other Clans rebelled against the Dragon Clan. He warns, “Never trust the Scorpion Clan with anything.”

—We debate impersonating a Clan member by learning the high signs they greet each other with.

Loot/Purchases 9/2/13:
→ Purchased fancy duds and antitoxin.



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