A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies: Session 1

Session 1 (5/13/13)

Day 1—Aug. 14, 2081


Corvo/Kuroken, Duffy, & Flynn/Polly:
Adventuring guild Fortune’s Fated Few gets a summons & Type I Bag of Holding from the head of the Critas Artificer’s Society. We’re invited to meet him at his estate 7 pm next day. Research reveals Alister St. Demain, an American who moved to Critas 10 yrs ago, was recently promoted.

Lord Munthraurix Darastrixiejir/Regulus:
The prominent son of Noble Dragons receives a summons & gift of a Scorching Ray wand from Alister St. Demain w/ instructions to come to his estate tomorrow. He recalls that human Alister displaced a Raptoran leader whom he outed and disgraced 6 years ago.

Richard Anik/Melinda Anik:
Moti the wizard tries to imprison aasimar Richard & his otherworldly sister Melinda to use them to contact the celestial plane of their lineage. But the pair escape and flee through the jungle bordering Khem with Moti’s henchmen in pursuit.

Encounter 1: Called to Quest/“Regulus, In the Future If I’m to Travel with Folks Like These, Kindly Pack Me Something Stronger Than Coffee.”

—Alister St. Demain greets us in his posh (gaudy by Raptoran standards) colonial manor. He will reward us handsomely, pay all travel expenses, & mention us in his published article on “the greatest discovery since the Cataclysm” if we retrieve the fabled Onyx Petal from Khem (Egypt). We accept & are given two maps, one of the surrounding jungle (with marked territories of dangerous mutant tribes) & one of Khem’s ruins (sparse population/no major cities/lots of tombs & temples). Munthraurix recalls the item’s powers are linked to focusing tremendous energy.

—The FFF sell the Type I Bag to the illustrious old elven proprietor of Madame Momo’s Emporium to buy a wand of Endure Elements and other desert travel gear.

Day 2—Aug. 15, 2081

Travel Interlude: The Skyship Gyrfalcon/“Somebody Say, ‘Leprechaun,’ Whut? I Doan’t Know But Mebbe I Seen a Face Like ’at in Mah Breakfast Cereal, Er Hurm…”

Half-elf Captain Jace Tercorian poses heroically in scarf & aviator goggles during tour of his sparse 15 man-crew, 5-deck, elemental ring-powered skyship (magic-repelling hull, emergency escape pods, & 4 deadly battery charges). Munthraurix persuades the Cap’n to allow his House’s shipmate Joseph Robert-Stevens to staff the Gyrfalcon until our return voyage. We fly hours from Critas to Port Hope, then board the smaller vessel Weatherlight to land on Earth 5 miles from Khem’s border. We hear close gunfire, not uncommon but unsettling. Kuroken is cross from traveling and eager for action.

Encounter 2: Fight Over Fugitives/“He Would Use Us to Crack the Sky”

—A well-armed & armored duo flee the gunshots ahead. The woman is lithe with bronze skin and feathery wings & her gleaming, muscled companion moves with uncanny grace. We offer our help & prepare for confrontation. The pair pray & divine boons render them more angelic.

—Into our clearing burst 5 soldiers & their dark-skinned leader wielding a falchion. In an Afrikaans accent he offers a deal if we surrender the duo. Kuroken spurs Corvo to defiance and battle. Combat! Vs 6 slightly mutated humans. One soldier flees & the haloed man urges us not to give chase. DEAD: the commander & 4 soldiers.

—Duffy’s Blood Biography reveals the “Troubleshooter” commander was called “*Rek*” & he claims he was killed while apprehending 2 prisoners. The man, a half-celestial (aasimar) named Richard Anik given to metaphorical soliloquy, says he and his sister Melinda escaped from evil wizard Moti. The wizard had intended to use their special bond with Celestia to open his own conduit to that plane’s immense powers of legend, the likes of which the world had not seen for several ages.

—Munthraurix recalls Moti has magic shops in most sky cities (not Critas) & has a reputation for staffing them personally (and simultaneously!) & mysteriously producing exactly what a customer craves. Richard & Melinda agree to lend their swords & skills to our quest if we will defend them in turn, & Duffy outlines the basic venture: to return with some artifact to Critas. We relieve the corpses of weapons & valuables before burning them & burying them in a pit. 1st Fort save vs corruption!

→ From 4 soldiers & Commander Rek: 5 mstrwk daggers, 2 rifles, 4 vials (unkown but likely poison), 4 leather armors, one +2 half-plate armor, one +2 full-plate armor, +1 keen longsword, light mace of Outsider bane, wand of Magic Missile, scroll of Fireball



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