A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 4

Session 4 (6/24/13)

Still Day 3—Aug. 16, 2081

Encounter Seven: Good Help Is Hard to Find/ “Farouk, Are You Evil?” BLAM!

—Richard stealthily investigates a camp at the base of the mountain. He detects one non-evil man with magic items in a tent & overhears two evil Moor-like brigands, Sayid & Farouk, discussing their frustration at not being paid by ‘the old man.’ Richard returns to openly visit the old man while the others hide nearby. Upon learning his hired men are bandits, the old man executes them with an arcane gun. He asks Richard where he might find other employees.

—Whole party arrives & meets the old man, a.k.a. Simeon Ben-Yudah. He is an alchemist questing for wonders and rare agents among the ransacked tombs. Simeon offers up for sale alchemical goods and magic rings. He will reward us if we retrieve pressurized acid from the traps in the temple of Boccob (God of Magic) we’ll be investigating. We bury (and loot) the bandits.

Exploring Interlude: Of Golems and Gates/ “You Seem Awfully Paranoid—-Have You Had a Traumatic Experience with Evil Altars?”

—After one hour’s travel from Simeon’s camp we reach the temple. Richard flies to the tip where the bladed survey ship o’ death hovers. Alan Rek’s body is concealed nearby. Richard communicates w/ Alan about moving the ship & his body into a special chamber in the temple once the area inside is deemed secure.

—We enter the temple & find traces of magic & vanilla perfume, & also a secret room. The hidden chamber is newer and built just like the one that stored the survey ship, complete w/ panels & a compartment for a pilot’s body. There are also three vials: one blue, one green, & one orange.

—Beyond the ship chamber is a hall leading to another room that contains bloodstains, a cask of red liquid and one of blue liquid, & two man-sized shattered tubes. Hanging out of the tubes & impaled on the broken glass walls are two birdlike humanoid corpses. Regulus determines the red liquid is an advanced blood-like solution used to make living simulacrums. Richard takes samples. The blue liquid is azoth, a.k.a. “the fire of creation,” used to bring a simulacrum to life. Blood Biography reveals one victim identifies himself as “1-1-2-4-7,” his position as “servant to Master Cal,” the one who shed his blood as “Lady Alita, who caused the containment failure,” and the date as “three days ago.” Munthraurix recalls Lady Alita is from Humanus & married into the Zarinth dragon noble family.

—Down another hall is a 10 foot waterway flowing into a chasm. Richard & Duffy fly down to where the flowing water abruptly vanishes in mid-air. The room holds an altar in ruins, more recent carvings of blood grooves for sacrifices, & a floor covered in dark blue liquid. The others come to investigate & it appears the dark blue stuff is highly volatile but kept stable by the dampening effect of the flowing water. The water flows into a gate presumably leading to the plane of water.

—We return to the ground floor & explore the hall across the 10 ft waterway. The next room holds 4 tarnished bronze cots w/ old linen, one vanilla scented. Richard tries to open door to adjoining room but springs a TRAP! The vampiric touch blades miss him & he destroys them in a red mist w/ his magic blade. Then we walk on, hard.

-Down a passage is a room w/ 4 large stone men (one per corner) & 3 human corpses in the center—deadly clay golems! We prep for battle. COMBAT! Vs 4 golems. We break all four. As each golem cracks & falls, something within it gleams red, white, blue, or green. A howling vortex sound fills the room—-the golem-bound elementals are escaping, & begin opening gates to their home planes of fire, air, water, and earth! We hurry through the room to the opposite door, grabbing two dead adventurers along the way (plus one sword, thanks to a summoned celestial monkey).

—We slam the golems’ door behind us. We face a winding stair that curves into rooms above and below.

Loot 6/24/13:
→ From the dead adventurers: +2 longsword, +2 short sword, +1 adaptive composite longbow, 2 vials of gravity bow, 2 armors of +2 light fortification chain mail, & bracers of dawn (can cast awaken & light at will, daylight 1/day) [Richard wears these].

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 3

Session 3 (6/10/13)

Still Day 3—Aug. 16, 2081

Exploring Interlude: Tomes, Traps, & Talking Tridents Part I/ “Stab the Book, I Shall Feed Upon Its Magic!”

—Party discovers and packs up more books, some are magic. Kuroken wants to absorb the books’ magic but gets a unanimous “No.” Another room contains a hidden cabinet with an ancient plate and a magically sealed box. The plate has engravings reading “Quorian” and we keep it.

Encounter Five: Moti’s Traitor/ Famous Last Words: “Aaaarrrggghhh!”

—Moti’s servant who’d been following us catches up. Munthraurix convinces him to join our cause. But almost immediately Moti murders him with a remote Phantasmal Killer.

Encounter Six: Tomes, Traps & Talking Tridents Part II/ “I Don’t Believe You’ve Answered His Question.” “Yeah, Do It Again!”

—We defeat the magically sealed box’s trap defenses (a very high level wizard’s Cloud Kill, etc.). Inside is Ivos, a very evil sentient trident! Kuroken wants to destroy the trident but is outvoted.

—Ivos (unaware Munthraurix is listening to his thoughts) communicates he wants to find the “World-Breaker.” [Magical analysis shows he’s a powerful artifact, +4 bonus and with class levels & strong lawful evil aura, made with Commune spell.] To us he declares no one is the party is sufficiently obedient and fit to be “wielded by him.” But he’s persuaded he owes us for freeing him & offers one limited wish each. He calls Munthraurix “dragon pawn” & Corvos “demon spawn.”

—Corvo wishes to know who the World-Breaker was & what happened during the Cataclysm. Ivos teleports him into the past. From a bird’s eye view Corvo watches the world ravaged and destroyed by magic and in doing so he experiences death multiple times. When he returns, shaken, he doesn’t understand what he saw. Richard suggests Ivos did not fulfill his bargain & Flinn urges a do-over. So Corvo is transported back into the past. This time he beholds a dark elf working powerful magic with a large, heavily engraved crystal held within a cage. Then as before he feels the world destroyed by the World-Breaker firsthand and returns to us, quaking with shock. [Will save for sanity, requires magic healing to Wisdom score.] Ivos comments that the fey were instrumental in “the strife,” a kind of war in a series of events that led up to the cataclysm.

—Regulus wishes for a Blessed Book with spells from levels 3 to 7 (?).

—Melinda sighs to Ivos “I wish you were Good.” Instantly the spear splits into two [+2] spears, one Good Ivos (“That Which Knows”) and one Evil Ivos (“That Which Sees”). Good Ivos will grant wishes to Flinn & Richard while Evil Ivos will do so for Duffy & Munthraurix.

—Richard wishes to become an angel & transforms into a glorious kind of deva. He alternates between that new form & his more human form & tries out his wings.

—Duffy asks for a pact instead of a wish, which she fears he’d twist into something harmful. She asks Evil Ivos to agree that if we meet him in the future, he will not harm us nor have his minions or wielder harm us. Evil Ivos protests there’s no assurance we will not harm him & we point out his mission may be too destructive for us not to oppose him. He agrees to the pact.

—Good Ivos grants us one use of Commune for Richard to ask 9 questions of Pelor, The Sun Father (Light/Healing/Strength/Sun Domains).

Did Moti Cause the Cataclysm? YES.
Is the temple we are heading to on our map the same as the ‘safe place’ Alan Rek referred to? YES.
Is Alan Rek currently relatively safe at the temple he mentioned? YES.
Are there dragons on our current plane? NOBLE SEED SPREAD AFAR BEAR DRACONIC AMBITION.
Are dragons active on this plane? NO.
Does Alister St. Demain intend to acquire the Onyx Petal for nefarious purposes? NO.
Is the Cataclysm the cause of the planar lock on this plane? NO.
Is it possible to remove the planar lock? YES.
Is it ill-advised to endeavor to remove the planar lock? UNCLEAR.

—Duffy asks both tridents about their origin and wielders. Evil Ivos explains his maker, a powerful wizard, was destroyed as part of his genesis, as he knew he must be. Though his creator’s essence remains, the wizard’s personality was cleansed away by the matrix during the process. Evil Ivos says he’s already communed w/ his wielder, a human in the Republic of Humanus who will help him find the World-Breaker. He complains of having been used as a sorcerer’s tool before his imprisonment. Good Ivos has communed w/ an elf in Zeltania (Britain) who will help hide the World-Breaker, & in choosing the elf is eager to uplift someone who needs it & redeem the elven race from its ancestors’ deeds. We ask Good Ivos what will happen if the World-Breaker is found & he answers “Change that is too erratic even for me.”

—Flinn wishes for all of us to be permanently immune to the Corruption on Earth since the Cataclysm. Good Ivos teleports away after her wish.

—Munthraurix wishes to be a dragon. As he transforms, a small gold dragon flies away from his body as though freed from containment. Evil Ivos comments he need not be a “dragon pawn” after all. At will Munthraurix returns to his old, humanesque form. He explains he’d been born with scales & claws, highly unusual for his kind, but had learned to disguise his dragon nature in adulthood.

—Evil Ivos teleports away. We begin a trek to the temple where Alan Rek went.

Loot 6/10/13:
→ From hidden compartments/tridents: More books (some magic), one limited wish per PC.

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 2

Session 2 (5/27/13)

Still Day 2—Aug. 15, 2081

Travel Interlude: From Jungle Jaunt to Mountain Climes/“Does That Sign Say, ‘Beware the Friendly Giants?’”

Party chops through jungle brush and scales/soars up a cliff to behold the desert of crumbling pyramids & obelisks beyond the mountains. We opt to circumvent the rock giant settlements marked on Alister’s map by journeying an extra day and a half. A magical rainstorm makes our ascent difficult & reveals some malicious caster is 2-4 miles away. We take shelter in a cleft, perform a nightly Lesser Res cleansing, & set watches.

Encounter Three: Monster Served Extra Crispy/“It Appears I May Have Overestimated the Necessary Force.”

—Horrible cries approach our camp. Combat! Vs gibbering mouther. Munthraurix’s spell (boosted by a summoner’s rift into Fire plane) reduces the aberration to ash. The fireball also causes the cleft to collapse inward, revealing Pre-Cataclysm old Elvish carvings in a door. Old carvings read “Here Lies the Hall of Knowledge” & below it newer symbols say “College of Weaponry.” It seems the facility was re-purposed. We sleep again.

Day 3—Aug. 16, 2081

—Regulus reports the soldier we let escape is reporting on us to Moti via crystal ball. We recover gear.

Encounter Four: Borrowing a Library & Disarming a WMD/“Did It Seem Weird to Equip Your ‘Survey Ships’ with Slicing Blades and Bombs? Wouldn’t That Just Destroy Everything in Its Path?”

—We descend into cave beneath the cleft. Richard trips an acid trap on the door but evades harm.

—In the rotunda reception room we pack up all 500 books on engineering & magic (written in Raptoran w/ Draconic margin notes), mostly to keep them from Moti. Duffy keeps a second copy of Warmage’s Maxim for Critas’ great library. Richard keeps a manual on the planes (although its info. on paths to planes is outdated). Regulus & Munthraurix gather the rest, e.g., Crystalline Matrices and You, Siege Engineering, a book on dragons, and a tome of lost knowledge on how to build and maintain the core of a sky city. (Technical note: The giant rings to support sky cities are like those for airships, but more enormous & requiring many precise types of crystals & carved runes & lots of elementals, far more than can be summoned easily nowadays.)

—The next room is almost filled by a slender grey craft w/ a dorsal fin & wings (made Keen to slice through flesh & other obstacles), which floats over a pedestal. Glyphs on the fins/wings denote a complex flight spell. Richard barely resists being pulled inside the craft when he touches it. Regulus detects a modified soul-trapping Magic Jar spell used to provide a pilot. Explosive Runes, too.

—We experiment with the controls & end up revealing a cylinder that stores a Raptoran-looking body, on which Duffy casts Blood Bio. His answers: “I am Alan Rek, a male Azlan research advisor. I am alive…barely.”

—We revive Alan w/ Lesser Res & he asks if the catfolk is a creation of Cal, the biomancer who altered his race when they migrated from another plane. Alan claims centuries ago his race migrated to our plane when theirs collapsed & lived beneath the waves to avoid alarming the natives. But eventually his race (which had an undersea city, Critas, that could float in the air during emergencies) sought other promising races to share their technological advancements. Cal (an Azlan) gave the Raptorans their current avian features and flight to support life in the sky.

—Alan seems to recognize Munthraurix’s draconic blood & regrets he has no gold to appease him. He does not know the true dragons’ fate, except that some lived beneath the waves like his people.

—Alan’s last memory is of assisting a Quorian elf 1200 years ago who put spells on him so he could pilot a survey ship with his soul. He insists the crafts like his were not weaponized until later & is dismayed to learn of the Cataclysm.

—Alan has heard of Moti, a very shrewd & long lived individual (neither Raptoran nor elven). They’ve never spoken but he’d find it ‘threatening’ if Moti took possession of the rotunda library’s knowledge or the WMD.

—After much debate, Alan agrees to pilot the WMD to a nearby temple, where a summoned outsider will meet him with his body. He will re-enter his body & find a way to keep the craft safe.

—Regulus confirms the soldier is still tracking us, huddled in the rain. The Control Weather spell may hail from another servant of Moti to slow our progress.

→ From gibbering mouther: None.
→ From rotunda library: 500 books, including Warmage’s Maxim, a manual on the planes [Richard], Crystalline Matrices and You, Siege Engineering, a book on dragons, a How-To book on sky cities.

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies: Session 1

Session 1 (5/13/13)

Day 1—Aug. 14, 2081


Corvo/Kuroken, Duffy, & Flynn/Polly:
Adventuring guild Fortune’s Fated Few gets a summons & Type I Bag of Holding from the head of the Critas Artificer’s Society. We’re invited to meet him at his estate 7 pm next day. Research reveals Alister St. Demain, an American who moved to Critas 10 yrs ago, was recently promoted.

Lord Munthraurix Darastrixiejir/Regulus:
The prominent son of Noble Dragons receives a summons & gift of a Scorching Ray wand from Alister St. Demain w/ instructions to come to his estate tomorrow. He recalls that human Alister displaced a Raptoran leader whom he outed and disgraced 6 years ago.

Richard Anik/Melinda Anik:
Moti the wizard tries to imprison aasimar Richard & his otherworldly sister Melinda to use them to contact the celestial plane of their lineage. But the pair escape and flee through the jungle bordering Khem with Moti’s henchmen in pursuit.

Encounter 1: Called to Quest/“Regulus, In the Future If I’m to Travel with Folks Like These, Kindly Pack Me Something Stronger Than Coffee.”

—Alister St. Demain greets us in his posh (gaudy by Raptoran standards) colonial manor. He will reward us handsomely, pay all travel expenses, & mention us in his published article on “the greatest discovery since the Cataclysm” if we retrieve the fabled Onyx Petal from Khem (Egypt). We accept & are given two maps, one of the surrounding jungle (with marked territories of dangerous mutant tribes) & one of Khem’s ruins (sparse population/no major cities/lots of tombs & temples). Munthraurix recalls the item’s powers are linked to focusing tremendous energy.

—The FFF sell the Type I Bag to the illustrious old elven proprietor of Madame Momo’s Emporium to buy a wand of Endure Elements and other desert travel gear.

Day 2—Aug. 15, 2081

Travel Interlude: The Skyship Gyrfalcon/“Somebody Say, ‘Leprechaun,’ Whut? I Doan’t Know But Mebbe I Seen a Face Like ’at in Mah Breakfast Cereal, Er Hurm…”

Half-elf Captain Jace Tercorian poses heroically in scarf & aviator goggles during tour of his sparse 15 man-crew, 5-deck, elemental ring-powered skyship (magic-repelling hull, emergency escape pods, & 4 deadly battery charges). Munthraurix persuades the Cap’n to allow his House’s shipmate Joseph Robert-Stevens to staff the Gyrfalcon until our return voyage. We fly hours from Critas to Port Hope, then board the smaller vessel Weatherlight to land on Earth 5 miles from Khem’s border. We hear close gunfire, not uncommon but unsettling. Kuroken is cross from traveling and eager for action.

Encounter 2: Fight Over Fugitives/“He Would Use Us to Crack the Sky”

—A well-armed & armored duo flee the gunshots ahead. The woman is lithe with bronze skin and feathery wings & her gleaming, muscled companion moves with uncanny grace. We offer our help & prepare for confrontation. The pair pray & divine boons render them more angelic.

—Into our clearing burst 5 soldiers & their dark-skinned leader wielding a falchion. In an Afrikaans accent he offers a deal if we surrender the duo. Kuroken spurs Corvo to defiance and battle. Combat! Vs 6 slightly mutated humans. One soldier flees & the haloed man urges us not to give chase. DEAD: the commander & 4 soldiers.

—Duffy’s Blood Biography reveals the “Troubleshooter” commander was called “*Rek*” & he claims he was killed while apprehending 2 prisoners. The man, a half-celestial (aasimar) named Richard Anik given to metaphorical soliloquy, says he and his sister Melinda escaped from evil wizard Moti. The wizard had intended to use their special bond with Celestia to open his own conduit to that plane’s immense powers of legend, the likes of which the world had not seen for several ages.

—Munthraurix recalls Moti has magic shops in most sky cities (not Critas) & has a reputation for staffing them personally (and simultaneously!) & mysteriously producing exactly what a customer craves. Richard & Melinda agree to lend their swords & skills to our quest if we will defend them in turn, & Duffy outlines the basic venture: to return with some artifact to Critas. We relieve the corpses of weapons & valuables before burning them & burying them in a pit. 1st Fort save vs corruption!

→ From 4 soldiers & Commander Rek: 5 mstrwk daggers, 2 rifles, 4 vials (unkown but likely poison), 4 leather armors, one +2 half-plate armor, one +2 full-plate armor, +1 keen longsword, light mace of Outsider bane, wand of Magic Missile, scroll of Fireball

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