A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 10

Session 10 (10/7/13)

Day 19—September 2, 2081

Continuation of last session’s TRAVEL/INVESTIGATION SPELL INTERLUDE: Below Xu/ “This Is No Longer Merely the Blue Pearl, the Kitana Has Become a New Artifact.”

Legend Lore reveals Xu was the site of the Monastery of Xaiopi. Centuries ago six disciples surrounded their diseased, dying master Yi during the post-cataclysm fires and rampant infectious mutations and taint, when it seemed the world would end. Refugees sought shelter but were only welcomed by Shen Long (elf bearing title the Dragon). A mysterious hooded stranger from the West urged the elves to seek salvation in a new life upon a sky city. He taught them the secrets of creating a cloud city (DIFFERENT from Raptorans), which necessitated the voluntary sacrifice of master Yi. His disciples tried and failed to stop Yi. Thus Yi became the faceless soul of the city, and Shen Long who had supported him and the refugees became the emperor and Dragon Clan leader.

Legend Lore continued: The stranger gave Yi four immortal guardians (Goran, Mei Ling, and two others). Each disciple became the head of a clan: Fou-Lou the Crane, Hu-Chang the Scorpion, Dian the Crab, Xu-Ba the Unicorn, & Xao-Lo the Phoenix. Outraged by Shen Long’s “betrayal” in the matter of the favoring the interloping refugees & Yi’s death, these clan leaders beguiled or seduced away the immortals, struck down Emperor Shen Long, & stole the pearls. But the pearls would not serve them without Yi’s consent, so they made artifacts with them. Xao-Lo the Phoenix fled with the white pearl in shame for his fratricide.

Legend Lore of Xu concluded: From the six Clans some splinter clans formed, e.g., the Lion, Bear, & Spider Clans. Madame Momo became an important pioneer opening up trade w/ Western sky cities. The newest platform of Yi’s city arose mysteriously, financed by an elf known only as the Warlord who possessed great charisma, power, and military forces. The warlord rose ten years ago, & the Dragon Clan fell thousands of years ago.

—For the next five weeks, Munthraurix cast Legend Lore on the white pearl while we lay low & Regulus made magic items: Cloaks of Res +5 and a belt of physical might.

Day 55—October 7, 2081

2nd Continuation of INVESTIGATION SPELL INTERLUDE: Below Xu/ “This Is No Longer Merely the Blue Pearl, the Kitana Has Become a New Artifact.”

Legend Lore on white pearl: It has become a +5 Fan of the Strata. The Phoenix walked two hundred years and settled on Mt. Seriti to mediate. He called lightning upon himself in a seppuku punishment & now his still mourning spirit guards the artifact. The Fan controls the weather & grants chain lightning 4x/day, windwalk at will, & cloudkill 2x/day.

Encounter 19: The White Pearl at Mt. Seritin/ “We Don’t Wish to Kill You and Grieve Your Father Further. That Would Not Help Our Cause.”

—Shrike flies us to Mt. Seritin’s tallest still standing peak in a rainstorm. There’s an altar w/ the Fan of the Strata, a figure in white steel armor (the Warlord), and a weeping ethereal old elf (the Phoenix).

—Regulus, Melinda, et al stay inside Shrike while Richard, Duffy (fly), Munthraurix (fly), and Flinn riding Polly investigate. The Warlord rails at the grieving spirit & calls the white pearl his birthright. He plans to destroy the Clans individually, including his own, because they’re misguided and must be destroyed to rise again from their own ashes, purified, like the Phoenix.

—Richard tries to talk him into letting us restore the pearl to someone who has the confidence of the city and is fit to rule and unite the Clans (secretly meaning Yi). Trueseeing gem reveals Warlord has reconstituted himself as a being of positive energy, able to reform after being destroyed and immune to energy attacks. Warlord identifies us as the ones who betrayed & stole from the Cranes.

—Munthraurix mage hands the Fan off the altar while lightning bolts bounce harmlessly off him thanks to our pro-energy foresight. The Warlord flees to a safe distance as we call down the Phoenix’s wrath. The Phoenix spirit becomes a corporeal elf and enjoins group in battle as a colossal wyrm. COMBAT!

—Richard grabs up the fan & opens it. Flinn’s aura sight (a gift from Yi’s potions) reveals an important gem in the dragon’s forehead & he tells Richard. Richard strikes the gem with the Fan of the Strata, and that’s the killing blow. The dragon vanishes and blood rains over the mountain, then the skies become clear of all rain (bloody or otherwise).

—The surprised-looking Warlord goes invisible & flies away. Richard bestows blessing of peace and eternal rest upon the empty altar.

Loot/Purchases 10/7/13:
→ White pearl/Fan of the Strata



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