A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 7

Session 7 (8/5/13)

Day 17—August 31, 2081

Interlude: A Motley Crew for a Monster Ship/ “Will You Join Us in Sailing for the Dawn?”

—Munt., Regulus, Joe-Bob, the Heinrich Bros., Richard & Melinda receive an airship w/ bat-like wings & tinted windows from Manx, who also sent two escort ships. The skeleton crew of 12 humans offers to serve on the ship but Munt. & Richard decide to hire their own crew. So the 12 rather rude Humanus natives fly away on the escort ships. Munt. gathers dragonborn airshipmen while Richard convinces the Captain & crew of a rust heap to sail on his bizarre ship.

—Munt. & Richard use the gem of trueseeing to investigate the ship: it is a living creature with dark bones (not steel girders), skin instead of a normal hull, & a normal elemental ring in the engine room. Regulus tries to detect thoughts on the ship & concludes “It’s not thinking about eating us. It’s tired.” After considering setting the ship free because it is sentient, Munt. instructs Regulus to monitor its moods.

—On further inspection, the ship has 3 guns onboard fitted with acid sprays. But it’s unclear where the organic tubing leads that fires the acid spray, probably some orifice on the creature.


—Back at the temple, Rek tells Duffy, Flinn, & Corvo that he’s found a beach a short distance away hidden in the shadow of a cliff face. He thinks he can safely hide the temple there. The temple is mostly stable but on its monitors are red areas indicating problem spots, like the open planar rifts. Duffy, Flinn, & Corvo (fearing they’ll attract Moti’s attention sooner or later) stay behind in a web shelter while Rek powers up the elemental ring & flies the temple away.

Day 19—Sept. 2, 2081

Encounter 13: Monster Ship Meets the Whole Gang/ “Are We Not Past Introductions, Now That You Have Been Inside of Me?”

—Two days later the monster ship heads to the rendezvous point with uncanny grace, like a swimming fish. Increasing the flight to top speed produces an unnerving, high pitched shriek & tremendous pressure in the cabin.

—Party reunites at the temple’s former site & explains what’s been going on to one another. The monster ship responds to greetings and conversation in the tongues spell. It says its mind is 7 days old, that it will accept a partnership with us though it barely understands the concept, and that it’s chief desire is to “touch the sky, as I was meant to do.” We name it “Shrike” and experiment with turning it invisible to where you can’t see its passengers either, and it works!

—We send message to Alan Rek asking if we can help him guard it and establish a base of operations there. He replies “Not a good time. In air duel with dragons. Meet me in Xu if you are still alive. Should be there in 3 weeks.”

Encounter 14: Air Duel with Dragons/ “The Term for a Group of Dragons is a ‘*Screwed.’ But It Is Misleading, Because You Only Need One Dragon to Make a ‘*Screwed.’ (*Edited for public consumption.)

-Our ship “Shrike” joins Alan Rek’s air duel with 3 chromatic dragons—one red, one green, and one blue (a white one has just died and falls from the sky). COMBAT! Vs 3 adult dragons. We learn that mixtures like alchemist’s fire can be poured into an alchemical induction unit built into our ship to spray different energy weapons. Together with Alan Rek’s air lances and other magic, we slay the dragons. DEAD: 4 chromatic dragons.

—We invite Rek onto Shrike. He tells us that 10 dragons attacked initially, though some abandoned the fight. He kept them focused on himself because the temple is not weapons ready yet. Rek suspects the dragons have been flying free from their hosts (as Munt.’s did) and congregating & that they were merely testing themselves in battle against him.

—Richard suggests finding a powerful cleric of Boccob, to whose magic the temple is attuned, to help us defend the temple. Rek is certain no deity would attempt to enter or interfere with our plane directly because our material plane is experiencing unique static that makes crossing borders difficult and could lead to an other-planar visitor being trapped. Typically though, travel is easier once you leave our material plane and enter the multiverse. The hindering static may be a side effect of the Cataclysm, a kind of magical feedback.

—Richard considers traveling solo to the Celestial Plane to speak directly w/ Boccob, but Munt. suggests we should use a commune spell like Ivos did. Rek says that except for Ivos, the commune spell is less reliable than it once was.

Blood biography reveals the following:

a) The red dragon was “Xyllentex, a whitesmith by profession killed by Richard Anik, who melted me with his foul ship 20 min. ago.”

b) The white dragon was “Graal, a matchmaker, killed by Alan Rek w/ Air Spears 30 min. ago.”

c) The blue dragon was “Thallun, a mercenary, also killed by Rek’s Air Spears.”

d) The green, Eastern dragon was “Prince R’ockkithun, decapitated by Alan Rek 10 min. ago.” Munt. recognizes him as a dragon noble from a family whose (humanoid) members traffic drugs.

—We decide to bury 3 dragons after the style of an ancient dragon king, Relegar the Merciless, a.k.a. Master of Xorvintaal and Ruler of All He Surveyed. We conceal them in mountain caves w/ their bodies covered in 7,000 gp of melted gold. But the green dragon is buried according to Eastern tradition to avoid rising as undead: face down, hands/feet nailed, away from red things.

—Rek recommends we journey the rest of the way to Xu where there’s a scholarly sect of Boccob clerics & find help mending and guarding the temple, and we agree.

Loot/Purchases 8/5/13:
→ None, except Shrike the mighty living ship!



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