A Tainted Earth...

Tainted Earth, Sacred Skies Session 9

Session 9 (9/23/13)

Day 19—September 2, 2081

Plotting Interlude: To Zu/ “If You Ask for a Dwarven Longhammer in this Elven Sky City, They’re Going to Laugh at You.”

—We speculate the new warlord building a platform may have the final white pearl.

—We return to temple site to question Yee about the pearls’ powers and plan strategy. Yee says pearls could potentially confer power on possessors, if powers unlocked. Blue holds power over seas/water. Green over earth/wood/life. Yellow over fire. White over air/lightning. It may be possible to suppress powers via Dispel Magic but VERY briefly.

—Asked about the wu jinn, Yee says Hikari Todo is a wu-jinn the Cranes may have entrusted the blue pearl to. He is a learned spellcaster, specializing in summoning great beasts from the void between. Hikari is vain, so posing as students eager to study at his feet could work.

—Yee tells us where we can find a lovely boy to be our herald, if we clothe him.

—We find Len, orphan boy (elf, 40) who does odd jobs. We hire him, clean him up & get him herald outfit.

Encounter 17: Stealing the Blue Pearl/ [After Munthraurix feigns surprise that Richard/Duffy teleported away with the blue pearl.] “That Was So Convincing That I Believed Him—-And I KNEW He Was Lying.”

—Len announces us & Sovillus grandly at the Cranes’ estate gates, Todo’s father owns it. Ten men await, one stands apart as in charge. He is an old white haired elf in sky blue kimono & white obi (belt), kitana & wakizashi. Functionary stands beside him.

—Munthraurix greets “Todo Sempai” & asks to learn arcane arts, while his students will study the “lesser spells.” Todo leads us to pavilion overlooking artificial lake. Todo has tea served & Sovillus asks to see his great artifact.

—Todo draws his kitana and in its guard portion the blue pearl is secreted. Blade has blue shifting sheen. Says father entrusted him with it. Nearby servants dot the landscape, sky is open. Sovillus asks to go inside the manor. Todo agrees and leads us in.

—Richard snags kitana & Duffy teleports him 30 ft away around a corner.

—Munthraurix feigns surprise (epic Bluff) & outraged Todo cries, “Heaven’s judgment upon thee!” and summons water mephit. Richard casts HOLY WORD.

—Wu Jinn summons gigantic blue woman w/ third eye.

SPLIT SCREEN, Plane of Arborea: Richard Plane Shifts away to Arborea w/ Duffy, who came when he called. He leaves a gaping rift (portal) in the air behind him. .

SPLIT SCREEN, Zu: Wu Jinn & his giant summoned ally fly up & start mending the big rift, making it smaller and more stable. Munthraurix vows to Todo he’ll get the item back to its rightful owner. Then Todo uses lake as giant scrying pool trying to find the artifact taken by Duffy & Richard. He sees them.

SPLIT SCREEN, Arborea: Richard detects the scrying and successfully Dispels. He flies on w/ Duffy. They plan to try to Plane Shift back later.

SPLIT SCREEN, Zu: Back in Crane estate, Todo debates attacking Yee, who must be behind the theft. He claims the Soul of the City spreads lies about his own importance. The giant outsider remains, having been summoned through a Gate and possibly w/ some kind of pact that allows it to linger.

—Munt offers to take on the task of retrieving the sword/pearl to prove his worthiness. He talks Todo out of attacking Yee, persuading him it’s better to have someone intercept the blue pearl before it’s delivered to him. Todo agrees & gives him a silk handkerchief w/ a crane on it.

—Once they are far enough outside the estate, Munthraurix Detects for Magic & Scrying but finds none. Then he, Polly, & Flinn return to Shrike the ship.

PLOTTING/TRAVEL INTERLUDE: To Zulong Academy/ “Come for the Academia, Stay Because Your Travel Spell Misfired”

SPLIT SCREEN, Arborea: Richard Sends Message that we’ll wait one day on Arborea and then Plane Shift to mountains nearest Zu.

SPLIT SCREEN, Zu: Munthraurix replies to Send Message asking us to meet the party at Zulong Academy, a day’s flight northeast by airship from the mountains we’d suggested. The message notes it will be easier to Plane Shift there because it’s a “thin spot,” but “weird,” and urges us to be.

SPLIT SCREEN, Arborea: Richard understands the message to mean there are walls preventing planar travel which will help us not rebound too far. Duffy recognizes Zulong Academy as being a site where magic spells are twisted to unforeseen purposes when cast, because of a magical explosion that once took place there.

—Richard sees a Solar flying in the sky in Arborea and flies up to chat. Solar gives his title as “Sol.” Richard asks why Celestials don’t enter the realms of men in these ages. Sol says “You must be new. We all agreed to the compact to seal away the world of men, lest it taint the other realms. This was after the destruction created by the ravager, Moti. The rest of the planes would be sent spiraling if the material plane’s taint were let in, or if the material plane were destroyed. The planar locks prevent this. Those charged with preventing disaster have failed or are still working. Moti still lives, but so do Alan Rek and Cal.”

—Richard asks after those two. Sol says Alan Rek & Cal are very sterile souls, and elaborates, “They have good intentions but don’t always follow the ways of virtue.” Asked about Manx, the Solar says “He’s an abomination to the order of things. Not evil, but too chaotic.”

Day 20—September 3, 2081

Encounter 18: At Zulong Academy/ [After “Daylight,” “Snapdragon Fireworks,” and “Continual Flame” spells cause a “Searing Light,” “Flamestrike,” and strange red lights in the sky.] “Shall We Try Another Spell?”

—Richard Plane Shifts w/ Duffy up 254 miles away from the old academy. Along the way plants grow, wither, & die in mere moments from a kind of rapid aging. Our feet hover above the ground. Large ethereal creatures like tarrasques fly right through us because the planes are overlapping here.

—After a series of spell mishaps, a giant tower springs out of the ground and both the ship and the two lost party members move toward it, reuniting near its base on the main campus.

—We all approach this new building, except the ship’s crew, Melinda, and Regulus. There’s a feeling like water cascading over us. We feel smaller, like children and there’s a sense of some heavy mass on our backs (except Richard who is used to wings, but not these wings; he feels clumsier). When we face one another we appear as Raptorans. Looking around is like seeing through a curtain of water. It is like living in someone else’s memory. Other figures phase into view a few at a time until the street teems with people. Pedestals line street. Armored, winged men stand by. Alan Rek is ahead ushering folks toward the tower.

—We notice the children are afraid & adults struggle for calm. Inside the tower there’s a crowded meeting room with several levels/balconies. The doors close & a few people outside start banging furiously on the door. Soft, rhythmic thrumming noise emanates from the tower. Parents clutch their children as the tower starts to Plane Shift away through some technical means. A kind of crushing wave of energy evaporates those unlucky enough not to be safe within the tower.

—Suddenly the tower’s gone and we’re back in the present in the wild magic zone. Regulus says we were only gone for a moment & he saw nothing odd.

TRAVEL/INVESTIGATION SPELL INTERLUDE: Below Zu/ “This Is No Longer Merely the Blue Pearl, the Kitana Has Become a New Artifact.”

—We fly in Shrike to a city below Zu and buy “legend lore” scrolls to study the pearl and Todo’s sword.

—The +3 crystalline kitana artifact is a Austere Blade of Torrential Vengeance. It’s been passed down through Todo’s family for centuries on the heir’s 16th birthday. Hikaru is its true bearer & there are 14 creatures (by now) bound to serve him via pact through the unique artifact.

—Alone, the pearl merely connects you to the power of water. If you defeat the spirit within, you can gain power over the blue pearl itself. With the pearl you can walk on water, control water, create water, and summon water plane creatures. The pearl’s guardians were ageless immortals (including Goran) and they were indeed lost when the ill-fated ruling Dragon Clan was assassinated, like Yee said. The other pearls have been forged into new items that are symbols of leadership as well.

—We discuss the trustworthiness of Hikaru and Yee and to whom the blue pearl should be returned, begin as either party could probably aid our planes rift problem in Rek’s temple.

Loot/Purchases 9/23/13:
→ Blue pearl, 3 scrolls for Legend Lore (6,300 gp total spent). Of 97,000 gp from Momo, we have 90,693 gp left to spend (after -7,000 for dragon burial).



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